So you're looking to pick out a refrigerator...?  A lot of these refrigerator companies will try to confuse you with hip refrigerator lingo like "energy efficient" or "adjustable temperature" or "doors."  Don't let the confusion overwhelm you.  Here are some facts and unfacts to help clarify the mysteries of the fridge.

FACT - If left unchecked, a refrigerator will eat its own weight in groceries every day.  
Do not let this happen.  If necessary, throw whatever refrigerator contents you can onto the floor at any instant.  It's the only to way to keep it at bay.

UNFACT - Scaling a refrigerator is a simple task.
Ever since misconceptions were invented in 1982, this has definitely been the biggest of them.  Any expedition to the top of a refrigerator takes planning, navigating, and research.  If you're planning to purchase a taller refrigerator model, we recommend also buying a compass, rope, extra air tanks, and a Nepalese Sherpa.

FACT - The name "refrigerator" comes from the Latin word "refrigeratto."
As we all know, "refrigeratto" is the Latin word which means "evil bastard full of food."  There's really no explanation needed for this fact.  If you don't believe us, we hope you get eaten by a refrigeratto.