Many consumers get easily confused about the differences between various light bulb types. We’re no strangers to confusion. In fact, we’ve been lost in a paper bag for the last four hours.

When it comes to light bulbs, some people will tell you that “LED bulbs use less electricity” or “CFL bulbs cost the same” or “light bulbs aren’t supposed to be eaten.” Regardless, when you’re deciding to sleep on a light bulb, here are some very helpful tips for determining the type of bulb to use.  

Incandescent: Uses more electricity. Becoming obsolete. Gets warm. Will inevitably make you dream about Cap’n Crunch.

LED: Uses less electricity. Becoming more popular. Will most likely make you dream about Pat Sajak. 

CFL: Comes from the Latin phrase, Carpe Flatulencia Lighticus. It will undoubtedly cause night farting.

Special thanks to guest contributor, Oryx.