Meet the Staff


NAME: Mr. Digby
POSITION: Founder and Head Editor
SPECIALTIES: Cross-departmental collaboration and long-term project management.  Also, rubber bands. 
QUOTATION: "It's not what you can't or won't do, but it's about how many rubber bands you can eat at once.  For me, it's six."

NAME: Jackson 
POSITION: Buying Guides Editor and Head of Dingleberries 
SPECIALTIES: Staining light colored bedspread. 
QUOTATION: "There's no 'me' in 'team,' but actually there is."

NAME: Mew Diamond Phillips 
POSITION: Intern and Office Sprayer 
SPECIALTIES: Electronics and blankets. 
QUOTATION: "Is that an electric blanket?  Because I'm about to spray all over here."

NAME: Hrothgar 
POSITION: Lotion Eater 
SPECIALTIES: Breathing on silverware and assorted clerical.
QUOTATION: "Just stay the hell away from me."