It's called a "walk-in," not a "walk-out."
By special guest contributor Sam.
People tend to have lots of questions regarding walk-in refrigerators. The main question always seems to be, “Why are you in my refrigerator?” While we may not have an answer to that, we do have answers to these other frequently posed queries.

Q.) What size refrigerator should I get?
A.) Get one that’s big enough so your butt isn’t resting on a meatloaf, but small enough so that your butt is resting on a glazed ham.

Q.) What is the recommended temperature for my walk-in fridge?
A.) Shit, we don’t really care. It’s your stupid fridge.

Q.) How much do they typically cost?
A.) Jesus, how many questions do we have to answer?

Q.) Should I buy an extended warranty?
You should try killing yourself.

Q.) What type of insulation should I use?
That’s it. This Q & A session is over.

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